Everybody needs someone to cling to.

Everybody needs someone to call their own.
No one wants a love that you can see through.
No one wants to spend their whole life alone.
Someday I know he will surely find me.
Someday I will have a love to call my own.
Then I'll have someone to lay beside me.
Then I'll never have to spend my nights alone.

Alone, isn't where I want to be. 
I've got so much to give. We're not supposed to live alone. 
Alone, isn't how I think of me. I'm counting down the days til I can put that word away.

 The world is full of people who are searching and every heart is trying to find a home. 

Just like everything I think that I'm deserving of a love that takes away the word alone. 

And I'm waiting in line, and I'll wait like a bird on a wire. And I wonder if that day will ever come: when love walks in to finally take me higher. Then I'll know my search for love is done.

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