the perks of being the "big" sister

Last Sunday, me and my family were at the Zoo de Lisboa and suddenly my brother said his tooth had felt. His first tooth! It was so strange!!! If feels like just one of these days (it was actually in 2009) I was talking to my mom about how weird he would like when he had teeth and he already lost one! Can you believe it?

Oh, well, let's skip the nostalgic part. He was really happy and feeling very "grown-up"! All day long, he kept showing his "toothless smile" when we took pictures and it was obvious how excited he was about getting something from the tooth fairy. So, I said I was going to the bathroom and instead I went to the souvenir shop and I bought him a green (his favorite colour) t-shirt from the zoo and hide it in my backpack. 

When bedtime arrived, he put his tooth on a little bag and started wondering what the fairy would bring him or if she would come at all and asking all sort of questions about her. I had to tell him that she's friends with Santa to justify where the gifts came from... but it makes sense, right? I waited for him to fall asleep and stood up for 2 hours after to be sure he wouldn't wake up. I slyly got up, grabbed the bag, hide it in my suitcase, got the package where the shirt was and placed it under his pillow.
*me sleeping and my little angels pretending they are too*
 (it's an old photo but it made sense here)
In the next morning, I woke up at 7 am with an happy little boy shaking a wrap: "The Tooth Fairy came last night!!! First I thought she had just taken my teeth and I was happy already but then I heard noise and look, I got a present!!!" Wanna know something really sweet? He hadn't opened the package, he woke me up first! Do you even know how hard it must have been for him not to unwrap it right away? It meant the world to me that we wanted me to see it at the same time as him! How can a 5yrs-old be so damn cute?! 

And that's it, the story of how I became Tooth Fairy for one night and ended up getting the biggest reward. I love you baby (I know you hate it) boy! 


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