Ready or not...

Ready or not, here comes Erasmus!

Way too tired to wake up so early, me and my roommate dragged ourselves to the second-hand shop – still in pyjamas – where we managed to find couple plates and cups and a frying pan (which will hopefully be used soon to bake pancakes) and crawled back to bed. Though not able to sleep, just laying around in laziness felt good enough.
Time for the city game! 

While heading to the centre, I met some more ‘tugas’ and saw the city properly for the first time. We were splatted in groups and along with mine, Legends, I started discovering Brno. Walked around, learned about a couple city legends, went to useful places, danced banana dance in a park – I proudly taught them! – and got to know my teammates. Since one of the game tasks was to shop for Czech food and drink for ourselves, we finished the game with a nice picnic and then went for the gathering.

There was a nice vibe there, I even tried a sip of beer – just because I’m in Czech Republic - and vodka to warm up. Both drinks tasted like someone mixed them with water but luckily I never needed alcohol to have fun so I just enjoyed the atmosphere (and almost won a fooseball game!) For dinner, a huge group gathered out of nowhere and we all went to a medieval themed restaurant with typical Czech food. I was afraid to order anything because nothing seemed like something I’d enjoy eating and finally decided on a goulash soup. It was surprisingly delicious and comforting. I never thought eating a beef soup with potatoes surrounded by people I’d just met would make me feel so good but it genuinely did make me happy.
Not only the food was good but so was getting to know all the people who were sitting with me. I finally felt at ease to talk to everyone. Considering that along with finding a restaurant where they serve fresh fish for a really reasonable price, I think I might me able to survive here – with a satisfied stomach and a smile, I mean.

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